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5/9/2010 12:38PM

Iced In, a challenging puzzle game follow-up to the Boxed In games, has been released!

Check it out on iTunes!
Iced In is a follow up to the widely popular Boxed In & Boxed In 2 games for the iPhone & iPod touch that have been enjoyed by millions of people.

Whether or not you played the original Boxed In games you will enjoy the increasingly difficult puzzles of Iced In.

The object of the game is simple. Free the penguin from its cage in each level. To free the penguin push ice blocks onto each big red switch. All switches must simultaneously have an ice block resting on it to open the cage and pass the level.

Be careful! Once you push a block of ice it doesn't stop until it hits something and cracked pieces of ice can only be touched three times before it breaks completely!

Sound easy? It gets tough! Real tough! Iced In will provide many hours of gameplay.


* 50 Increasingly Difficult Levels
* Auto-Save Functionality
* Unique Puzzle Mechanics Not Found Elsewhere
* Hours Of Gameplay
* Fun Music & Sound effects Complimenting Iced In's Theme.
* Designed Specifically for the iPhone & iPod Touch
* Quick Level Restart For When You Get Stuck
* Simple Intuitive Interface
* Easy Controls: Swipe To Move / Optional Directional Pad
* Disable Sound/Music To Listen To Your iPod While You Play
Iced In - Release Date Announced
11/24/2009 9:45PM

It's official! Iced In will be released on or before April 20th! Follow Boxed In on facebook for more frequent screenshots and game updates! Boxed In 3 will continue production upon the completion of Iced In! More to come soon!
Boxed In on Facebook
2/14/2010 12:40PM

We created a Boxed In fan page on facebook! With Boxed In 3 just around a couple of corners join now to stay current with all the Boxed In news!

Seeya there! =)
Relix Released! - Featuring Levels By Yours Truly
1/6/2010 9:45PM

My brother's game Relix has been released! Relix is a new unique puzzle game featuring 50 increasingly difficult levels. Many puzzle elements come into play to solve each level. It's well worth the buck so get it before the price goes up!

If you enjoy Boxed In i'm confident you will enjoy Relix. I had a hand in creating some of the levels. Level 50 is gonna mess up your world! =)

If you buy Relix and aren't satisfied forward me your iTunes receipt and I'll pay for your copy of my next 3 games!

Check out Relix on iTunes
Visit the Relix Website

Thanks for the support! More to come soon!

What I'm Working On
12/20/2009 6:26PM

I wanted to post a quick update on what I've been up to. I've been spending time on a new puzzle game not too disimilar from Boxed In. The game is currently untitled and I hope to have it submitted to Apple within a month. I'm confident Boxed In fans will enjoy the game. =) I've also been spending time designing levels for a new puzzle game my brother is wrapping up. It's a really fun game. More on this soon!

Droid Does... Have Boxed In Coming
11/24/2009 9:45PM

Development has started on porting the Boxed In games to the Android OS. A good friend is porting the games. This means my time is free to continue work on my next game & Boxed In 3. =) Thanks Rory!
Development On New Game Started
11/15/2009 10:20AM

I've started work on a new game not far off from some of the concepts of Boxed In. I'm hoping to have it complete in a months time or so and then will immediatley start work on the next Boxed In installment which will be loaded with cool new features. I'll also be doing Boxed In updates when I have time. More to come soon! Thanks to everyone who has purchased Boxed In! I enjoy reading your reviews.
Forums Have Been Added!
10/31/2009 10:20PM

I've just added some forums to the website! With the increase in taffic here in the past month it seemed to be a good idea. =) Have feedback? Have ideas for future versions? Stuck on a level? Just wanna say Hi? Check out the forums.
Boxed In Update Submitted
10/31/2009 9:34PM

I submitted a Boxed In 1 update a few minutes ago. This will bring the version to 1.4. Here are the update notes:

** Added information about Boxed In 2 (Now Available In The App Store!)
** Added a new option to control the location of the interface. Moving it to the top of the screen will avoid accidental taps when using the directional pad.
** Fixed some memory leaks that occasionally caused crashes after loading 60-70 levels in one sitting.
** Added a couple of polish tweaks.
Boxed In 2 RELEASED!
10/29/2009 6:00PM

After 16 long days Boxed In was finally approved by Apple and is now available in the app store! You can check it out here.

I look forward to any feedback you may have. It's definitely an improvement on the first game!
Boxed In 2 features:
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